Survival Stories

We’ve been doing them all week at LEX18, story after story of survival, suffering, recovery, and donations. And with good reason, they’re all amazing stories. Yes, most are incredibly tragic, but others are inspiring, and impressive, and most of all, they’re all worth telling.

Like How to get federal disaster assistance from FEMA. A story of the power outages that still plague eastern Kentucky. A baby was born during one of the tornado strikes. About the snow storm that hit eastern Kentucky just days after the tornado storms. The Governor touring the disaster areas. Residents being allowed back into their destroyed community after being evacuated. LEX18 collected 13K in donations outside the Fayette Mall.  Animals getting help. There’s the story of the National Maple Syrup Committee serving breakfast in West Liberty. The story of a class of students donating the money they saved up for a trip to an amusement park to those in need, and a Lexington businessman who says they’ll pay for that trip for them anyway. The story of a woman who claims to have prayed the storm away from her home, and has the home video to prove it.  Even A story about the ‘untold’ stories.  And lots more.

Monday, I did a story about a horse trainer and his horses who survived his barn he worked in being destroyed:

Today, a colleague asked how long we’d be doing these stories of death, survival and recovery. It’s the kind of question every news director and producer asks as they move further and further away from the disaster day. It’s Thursday night, and tomorrow, it will have been a week since the tornadoes struck. The answer to his question is: we won’t be stopping any time soon. It may not be non-stop anymore like it has been all this past week. But as long as there are these kinds of stories to tell, and more affected people and good deeds to spotlight, we should be there.

– Adam Z. Winer

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